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By Govindini Murty. There’s a very funny-looking film out in theaters right now called The Infidel.  The Infidel tells the story of a Muslim man who finds out that he was originally adopted, and is actually Jewish – and ‘that’s when the hijinks begin’ … Check out the trailer above – it is absolutely hilarious, and I am shocked that this film even got made.  This very politically-incorrect comedy screened at the Tribeca Film Festival in April, received positive reviews, and was released theatrically in the U.K. in April and in the U.S. in May.

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Movies like The Infidel and Four Lions (discussed below) show that, at least in the U.K., the indie film world is starting to open-up to treating Islamic radicalism with the derision that it deserves.  Why Hollywood doesn’t have the bravery to make a film like this is beyond me, but we can at least be happy that the Brits made this.

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I also hope that the conservative media here in the U.S. picks up on The Infidel and talks about it, because I think conservative audiences would absolutely love to hear about the film.  The Infidel may still be playing theatrically in New York (check your local listings) – but it’s available on Amazon right now by download below and in our LFM Store (note: Amazon downloads work only for PCs).  There are indications that it is also going to be available some time soon on Video on Demand at Netflix.  [If you want to sign up for a free trial subscription of Netflix, you can do so in the sidebar of our website.]

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We will keep you posted about the various ways you can see The Infidel and we’ll try to post a review soon.  In the meantime, you can read a review of The Infidel by LFM contributor Joe Bendel on his personal blog here, and you can also read the New York Times review here.

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The lead actor of The Infidel is Omid Djalili, a very funny British-Iranian comedian who has a number of YouTube videos up of his comic shorts and stand-up comedy acts.  Some of it is pretty raw and raunchy stuff, and he seems to make fun of just about everyone;  I’ve listed below a few of Djalili’s videos in which he pokes fun at Muslim terrorists and cultural customs.  The fact that Djalili is a Muslim himself shows that the process of loosening-up and self-questioning in the Muslim community (that I discussed previously in the post on Four Lions) is indeed under way.

And check out these videos:

Omid Djalili as a gay Scottish film student trying to make a movie with Osama bin Laden.

Omid Djalili on Arabs at the airport.

Omid Djalili on MiddleEast Enders.

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  3. David S. says:

    If you found this interesting, you should check out LIVING WITH THE INFIDELS, a comedy webseries. Start with Episode 1:

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