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By Jason Apuzzo.  • Twilight’s Facebook page currently has more followers than Iron Man, Harry Potter, Transformers and Toy Story combined. Really wishing movie futures trading was legal at this point. Fans are already raving about the new film, and early buzz from critics is strong.  Fangirls starting to muscle out fanboys as the dominant movie audience?

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Toy Story 3 won top honors at the weekend box office again, with everything else doing lackluster business.  Interesting footnote: it turns out that Iron Man 2 did not do as well as its predecessor, domestically.  I think that’s because Mickey Rourke is starting to look like the mad professor from Tarantula!

Spike Lee will be directing a new terrorist thriller. Working title: Nuke The Right Thing.

Restrepo was the top film at the indie box office this weekend, with better per-screen averages than either Knight and Day or Grown Ups. Glad to see this.  Read the LFM review of Restrepo here.

There’s a new teaser trailer out for The Social Network, about Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. Underwhelmed here.  The trailer’s making me think this movie’s going to feel like jury duty.

Captain America supposedly starts shooting today. Unless it doesn’t?  Speculation brewing.

Tim Burton is apparently moving forward with a new 3D adaptation of The Addams Family. John Kerry should play Lurch.

Carla Bruni.

• Oliver Stone’s South of the Border is coming out, and even The New York Times is noticing some whopping factual errors in the film.  NY Post critic Kyle Smith also takes the movie apart today in his review.  I still can’t believe how many films Stone’s been allowed to make, post-Alexander.

London’s Sunday Times asks whether Christopher Nolan’s older brother is a bizarre, delusional psychopath-criminal mastermind who haunts Nolan’s work like a ghost. I can’t say, but it’s certainly fun to think about.  In related news, Nolan talks Batman 3 today with MTV.

• AND IN TODAY’S MOST IMPORTANT NEWS … the wonderful Camille Paglia blasts Lady Gaga in The NY Times today, calling her “a high-concept fabrication without an ounce of genuine eroticism.” We agree, which more or less justifies posting a picture of Carla Bruni, by way of contrast.

And that’s what’s happening today in the wonderful world of Hollywood …

Posted on June 28th, 2010 at 3:48pm.

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4 Responses to “Hollywood Round-up, 6/28”

  1. Moonk says:

    That’s as good an excuse as I’ve ever seen for a gratuitous posting of a semi-nude Carla Bruni photo.

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  3. servethepeople says:

    Why doesn’t Oliver Stone just move to one of these South American dictatorships and see how long he would last? Not only are Stone’s politics despicable and borderline deranged at this point, he has got to be one of the most overrated filmmakers in history.

  4. RalphtheRover says:

    That is truly bizarre about Nolan’s older brother, but it explains a lot. Nolan’s films have an obvious fascination with crime and with the criminal mind, and it’s intriguing that this may come from the strange history of his older brother. It’s kind of like the peculiar personal history of the Wachowski brothers (sorry, brother and sister), and how it plays out in their films.

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