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By Jason Apuzzo.Delicious irony: David Fincher’s new Facebook movie The Social Network (about Mark Zuckerberg) won’t be able to advertise on Facebook. Not surprisingly, Zuckerberg isn’t too thrilled about the project, and so this film will just have to resort to … My Space?

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• The new Mad Max reboot is looking more interesting all the time.  Shooting on the 2 new films has apparently been delayed until February, but today word comes that George Miller will be lensing the films in some new, exotic form of 3D – and that Weta will be involved in creating the film’s FX.  Of course, the original films got a lot of their energy from the fact that the dangerous action sequences were real, rather than a digital construct.  As a side note, Miller has been tilling in the 3D fields for as long as James Cameron, and it’s exciting to consider what action sequences in the wide open Australian deserts will look like in this new film series.  It’s probably also a good thing that Mel Gibson isn’t involved anymore.

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• MGM’s debt restructuring has meant that the James Bond franchise is on hold, but not gone.  In related Brit superhero news, Sherlock Holmes 2 may shoot as soon as early fall.

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Avatar: Special Edition will be released in theaters on August 27th, with 8 new minutes of footage. There were apparently a few more American soldiers Cameron thought he could kill.

Bar Refaeili.

Ridley Scott and Leonardo DiCaprio may team up for The Wolf of Wall Street, about (need we ask?) Wall Street Corruption. (Did these guys miss Wall Street 2?)  Probably this won’t happen, though, because they’re both booked up with other projects.  Still, it’s interesting to imagine how dull this film might have been.

• The Emmy Nominations have been announced, and if you care here’s the list.

Fanboy obsessiveness with Inception continues apace (“Nolan joins the company of Coppola … Lean”), and has spread to critics, and really at this point there seems to be no point in even watching the film since the fix is in.  I’m not trying to be cutely contrarian here, it’s just that the decibel level is so high among Mr. Nolan’s admirers that I’m wondering whether anyone will even listen to a contrasting opinion?

• AND IN TODAY’S MOST IMPORTANT NEWS … Bar Refaeli’s back!  After we reported on this extraordinary story yesterday (in which Ms. Refaeli waxes philosophical, as it were, on her own beauty), we learn that the Gilad Shalit march she’s participating in in Israel (estimated at 15,000 strong) just entered Jerusalem on the last leg of its two-week journey.  This cross-country march is designed to keep the case of kidnapped soldier Sergeant Gilad Schalit in the public eye.  This 23-year-old Israeli sergeant has not been seen since he was captured by Hamas during one of their raids in 2006, and Refaeli has joined thousands of supporters and other Israeli celebrities on the walk.  Good for her.

And that’s what’s happening today in the wonderful world of Hollywood …

Posted on July 8th, 2010 at 12:26pm.

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5 Responses to “Hollywood Round-up, 7/8”

  1. Prehistoric Woman says:

    Good for Bar Rafaeli and everyone participating in the march. There are too few celebrities who are willing to openly stand up for Israel, but I’m glad they’re getting together for this issue. More importantly, I’m praying for Sergeant Gilad Schalit and his family and hoping, if he is still alive, that he is released.

    Obama and his lack of support for Israel are not helping matters, as it sends signals to Hamas and every other terrorist organization that it’s OK for them to do anything they want, because the US won’t do anything.

  2. RalphtheRover says:

    I would say that Fincher has been hoisted on his own petard.

  3. Moonk says:

    I’m underwhelmed by the new Mad Max sequels. The lead guy does not have Mel Gibson’s looks or charisma (before he went crazy), and did we really need any more of this franchise? The 3D technology may be great though.

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  5. servethepeople says:

    How could the James Bond movies be on hold at MGM? It’s the most profitable movie franchise ever, but they can’t even keep it going because these Hollywood liberal “brainiacs” (actually morons) can’t even properly run what should be a great studio like MGM? Pathetic.

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