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By Jason Apuzzo. I’m curious as to what people think of this preview (above) for NBC’s forthcoming series, The Event.  Here are the main elements I’m getting from this trailer:

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• Heroic, charismatic young black President.

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• CIA conspiracy involving illegal detainees.

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• A secret detention facility in Alaska?

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• Some sort of 9/11-type event.

I believe this is what is referred to as ‘on the nose’-style filmmaking.  And we apparently now have the Obama Administration’s own version of The West Wing.

Somehow you knew this was coming, didn’t you?

[Special thanks to LFM's Patricia Ducey for tipping me off about this.]

[Special thanks to Hot Air for linking to this post.]

Posted on August 24, 2010 at 2:20pm.

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11 Responses to “NBC’s The Event: An Obama Stand-in, CIA Conspiracy … and an Alaskan Detention Camp?”

  1. PowderMagazine says:

    You guys are really on the anti-CIA ball these days. Is Libertas run out of the basement at Langley?

    It’s depressing to see all this crap, but not surprising. I’m so glad His Holiness his rooting out all that CIA corruption on all our behalf. And the dig at Alaska is almost too much to believe. They really should hire a Palin look-alike to complete the effect!

    • Jason Apuzzo says:

      The anti-CIA thing is a really irritating trend. And you don’t even have to look for it these days because it’s basically everywhere.

  2. Patricia says:

    I kinda hope that it does prove to be a big dopey “allegory” and that “Marah Salin” runs the camp in Alaska and that a horde of zombie White Christian Males are the heart of the conspiracy to destroy America. At least NBC will have finally hit bottom and will probably go into bankruptcy.

    Or maybe The Event is the cataclysmic Democratic loss predicted for the November midterm elections. :)

    • Jason Apuzzo says:

      Oh, my, that’s too funny! Zombie White Christian Males storming the ballot boxes! With mullets, perhaps. That would be pretty horrific! You betcha, as the former governor would say.

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  4. Eric says:

    Best comment ever. Wondering if the white Christians will be led by Mark Huckleberry. Or maybe late in the show, we’ll find out they are lizards wearing costumes. So many ways that NBC could go with this.

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  6. tcat says:

    This show will be off the air before the season is up. Just like they ruined Law and Order with their oh-so-subtle political commentary, this too will be flushed down the memory hole by christmas.

    • Jason Apuzzo says:

      Unfortunately I tend to doubt that, due to the amount of money they’ve most likely already invested in this series. It seems highly probable that they’ll play this one out for at least a full season.

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