3. Jennifer Baldwin

J. M. Baldwin is a classic movie OBSESSIVE who has been blogging about classic films and other esoterica since 2006 under her pseudonym, The Derelict.  She’s never won any awards or placed in any prestigious competitions or pretty much done anything that would warrant any kind of special recognition, except one time she did co-write and produce a pretty kick-ass short film about house-cleaning zombies that was the envy of her Film Studies class at the University of Michigan.

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She spends her free time stressing out over the Michigan Wolverines, swooning over Johan Franzen, and contemplating the genius of Barbara Stanwyck.  When she’s not busy watching Turner Classic Movies or one of her hundreds of classic movie DVDs, she can be found writing about film, music, and television on her blog, Dereliction Row.

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See a full list of Jenni Baldwin’s posts here.

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