6. Steve Greaves

Far beneath the Earth’s crust of the Western Hemisphere, you will find a secret lair, a thermal-resistant marvel of engineering that causes hellish magma to part and reveal an idyllic grotto. Music fills the rarified air. What music is this? It’s as if transmitted from another world far outside the center of this one. No one appears to be home in the lair, yet the sound echoes throughout the vast modern habitat. The plants enjoy it, as do the exotic fauna. The transponder beacon is working, revealing that this is indeed music from beyond untold stars. Simulcasting dutifully, the homing device is dialed in to galaxies unknown. One day, when the cosmos have given and taken all the supersonic inspiration he can fathom in human form, the master shall return in his craft. Parched, this space traveller will no doubt be yearning for a shot of tang.

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The SG Sound… you’re already soaking in it.

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Steve Greaves is a film composer whose recent projects include scoring broadcast campaigns for Lionsgate’s home video release of Mad Men, films such as Commentary, Kalifornistan, and Blue Water Sailors Will Not Be Forgotten, and the completion of the new ‘SG Sound’ space age pop album Escapade Velocity. He is a former contributor to Film Score Monthly Magazine.

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Further info available at TheSGSound. See a full list of Steve Greaves’ posts here.

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